Registered Charity Number 262929

                                   NOTES OF A COMMITTEE MEETING OF THE RYDA.


 Held at Thorndean, Stoke rd, Noss Mayo at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 11th January 2011.


1.                     WELCOME AND APOLOGIES. Peter Pritchard was welcomed, there were no apologies.


2.         MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING   dated 3rd November 2010 were approved and signed






·                     Village Directory.       The final version was due on the 15/1/2011and was to be circulated to members at the AGM.

·                     AGM.  Calling Notice was agreed, Speaker Professor Thompson ‘ Plastic and Marine Pollution’ was agreed ; the Secretary would put up invitations to the meeting on the village notice boards and  include the subject, date of next AGM to be slightly earlier in April subject to community diary.

·                     Future Membership.   The committee was concerned that there did not appear to be a successor to become Chairman following the end of Bill’s term in April this year. A couple of names came forward which the Chairman would follow up and the committee would give further consideration.  




·                     Incinerator.    Viridor had not been chosen as the preferred bidder. The S.W. Devon Waste Partnership consisting of Devon C.C, Torbay and Plymouth Unitary Authorities chose MVV Umwelt as the preferred bidder to build an incinerator in Plymouth. Viridor had stated that even if it was not chosen it would still press ahead with plans for an incinerator at New England Quarry.


·                      Conservation Area. A meeting had been held with Nils White of S.H.D.C in October 2010 attended by John Prosser on behalf of the R.Y.D.A and George Buckland on behalf of N.N.P.C. The view was that approval could be obtained to extend the conservation area provided that the guidelines set down in various Conservation Area Appraisals and Management documents were followed. It would be necessary to publicise the application to the local community and have the agreement of N.N.P.C to the application. George kindly volunteered to produce a draft statement for the areas identified for inclusion the extended Conservation Areas. Peter Pritchard was meeting with Stephen Munday and Councillor Susie Cooper to discuss the Conservation Area and was planning to take him up the river on a boat so he could view both villages from this point of view rather than just from the land.


·                     Village Design Statement.   A huge amount of work was carried out in 2003/4 towards the production of a V.D.S, especially in respect of the V.D.S questionnaire issued to the community. However, S.H.D.C planners have stated that the V.D.S would not be considered by the Council when reviewing planning applications and work stopped on production of the V.D.S. A significant amount of work is required to produce a statement of substance for the two villages.


·                     Localism Bill. The Government propose to shift power to Councils and communities in this proposed legislation. Proposals include approval for 12 new directly elected mayors, right to challenge to take over services, right to buy locally owned council assets, right to veto excessive council tax rises through a referendum and planning reform through introduction of neighbourhood plans and removal of regional controls. The Community ‘Right to Build’ is proposed giving communities the ability to build new homes and amenities in their towns and villages. Finally by allowing local authorities the ability to grant discretionary business rate discounts and allowing more encouragement for economic growth.




·                     Directory sales and membership update. The Treasurer reported that there had not been any Directory sales but there had been two new members who had joined the association. There is £613 in the bank, £1689 on deposit giving a total of £2302.

·                     Trebuerden and Newton and Noss Twinning Assoc. The Twinning Association has indicated that Public Liability insurance might be required if visitors are taken out on a trip and asked if the R.Y.D.A would consider making a contribution towards such a cost. Alan Lomax to ask for a note on why they think it requires setting up and likely cost.

·                     Notice board- Ken Davenport has repaired the notice board to a very high standard; the committee approved a contribution to him for his efforts.


7.         PLANNING REPRESENTATIVE’S REPORT. In his role as planning representative Peter was keen to keep up pressure to keep the villages green; larger replacement houses were affecting this. He wished to ask for planning conditions to be applied in an attempt to manage the disruption caused by building and builders. He was also keen to ensure that enforcement action was taken more often when building was started without planning consent.


·                     Revelstoke Noss Mayo. Changes were not particularly visible not intending to make representations.

·                     60 Noss Mayo.            Observations would be made regarding garden grabbing, loss of important green space and view from the other side of the river to the Appeal Inspector by the 19/1/2011 deadline.

·                     Crispins. It was agreed that changes to the scheme were not a minor amendment as implied by the application and that Peter Pritchard would copy the R.Y.D.A letter of objection to the Crown Estate and Harbour master.

·                     Redlands. A new application had been submitted with an amended scheme. The proposed building is now narrower than the original with much less glass on the elevation to the river. No representations would be made regarding this application.      

·                     Woongara. Some concern that this building would be five storeys high when completed.

·                     Bulletin Board. It was proposed to set up a bulletin board on the web for R.Y.D.A members to make comments on planning applications. A trial run would be carried out with the committee before releasing to the wider membership.


8.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS.

●          Affordable Housing. There were fears that the housing would not be affordable or reserved principally for local people. Several people had observed that the five southern most properties should be set further back from Parsonage Road and that the homes should be oriented to cat6ch solar energy.

●          Harvest Festival Window. Chris Bradley has produced a window on behalf of the R.Y.D.A for many years and would continue to do so.

●          Remembrance Day.   Suzanne Sparrow attended on behalf of the R.Y.D.A and reported that it had been a very good and well attended service.   


9.                  Unless there is an issue that would call for an emergency meeting, the next meeting would be on the 11th  April 2011 followed by the AGM on the 27th of April 2011


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.                     Denise Marchant, Hon Secretary