Registered Charity Number 262929


Held at Anchor House, Noss Mayo at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 6th July 2010



1.         APOLOGIES.

Were received from Kate Wood, Alan Lomax and Rod Carter


2.        MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING dated 24th May 2010 signing adjourned to the next meeting.      



To be dealt with at next meeting.


4.                  CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:


·                     RYDA Photos. Penny box had been consulted regarding whether there would be any interest in displaying record photos of buildings within the Baring estate currently held by the RYDA, within Noss Village Hall. It was confirmed that at this time there was no requirement for the photos for such use. The photos would be made available at the 2011 AGM for members to view.           

●          Village Directory. A thorough discussion took place regarding the new version of the Directory      . The Chairman thanked Mrs Marchant for her efforts to achieve additional sponsorship to help with the production costs of the Directory. It was agreed that the first two pages would remain intact. Eric Rodmell would approach Judy Jillard to ascertain whether she has a picture sketched from Bridgend which she might be prepared to give consent for the RYDA to use on the new front cover. Alternatively Julie Hammond has produced a painting of Bridgend and he would ask whether she might be prepared to submit it. The Chairman and Secretary would meet sponsors to discuss presentation of the front cover. The Map on the back would remain, with one correction, which Robin Hogg undertook to make. The cost of the Directory would be agreed at a future meeting when all production costs had been confirmed. Any amendments to the Directory are to be submitted to Eric Rodmell by 1/11/2010 on 872525or at e.rodmell@tiscali.co.uk

·                     New committee Members. The committee was pleased to note with acclamation that Jane Jary has volunteered to become a committee member.

·                     High hedge. Hedge adjacent to doctor’s steps has now been trimmed to an acceptable height. The Chairman had referred the matter to the Secretary of the Parish Council.         


5.                  SECRETARY’S ROUND-UP.


·                     Conservation Bulletin. The bulletin is produced quarterly by English Heritage and sent to the Secretary. The committee was receptive to the publication and happy for the Secretary to bring forward items when relevant.

●         LDF Site Allocation DPD. It is understood that Midas Homes has challenged the South Hams Land Availability Assessment in which Newton and Noss had refused to accept a formal housing allocation. The Parish Council had used the ‘Community Housing Working Group’ Report, which it had commissioned, to come forward with its own proposals for a housing allocation supported by the local community .It was hoped that the “Village Initiative” site on Parsonage Road would come forward later this year. Having seen the letter from Robin Hogg (Chairman of CPRE Devon) which writes in support of this ‘Village Initiative ‘for socially rented affordable housing in Newton and Noss; the committee agreed the Chairman would write to the chief executive of S. Hams District Council to confirm its support.

·                     Boundary Committee. The committee has now been disbanded. The position regarding the Unitary Status of Exeter and Exmouth regarding the High Court decision was noted.

·                     Regional Spatial Strategy. Noted that it has been cancelled although the Local Development Framework will continue to form the basis for future planning decisions.




·                     Harbour Clean Up The Secretary was requested to send a letter on behalf of the committee to ask for a contribution of £75each from the Parish Council and Harbour Authority towards the cost of insurance for the Annual Harbour Clean Up.




●          COASTGUARD COTTAGES 37/1130/10/F

Householder application for alterations and extensions to existing dwelling.     No objection

●         CO-OPERATIVE, NEWTON HILL 37/1195/10/AD Advertisement consent for fascia, internally illuminated projection and tray panel signs.          No objection

●                      HILBRE COTTAGE, RIVERSIDE ROAD WEST    37/1207/10/F Resubmission of householder application 37/0008/10/F for alterations and modernisation to include extending first floor over new section of building to match ground  floor.      No objection

●         17 COURT ROAD 37/1237/10/LB   Retrospective listed building consent for removal of windows and replacement with new windows.             No objection

17 COURT ROAD 37/1238/10/LB   Retrospective listed building consent for internal works.      No objection

●         VINE COTTAGE, RIVERSIDE ROAD WEST 37/1286/10/F Householder application for small jetty over quayside steps Application affecting the site of a Listed Building Application affecting a Conservation Area.

P. Council has responded recommending this should be referred to the Conservation Officer to decide whether the proposed structure is in keeping with area. Query also whether Duchy of Cornwall be notified.

●         MADGE POINT, COURT WOOD  37/1283/10/F.  Householder application for alterations, extension to Form new kitchen family room. The site adjoins/affects a public right of way.

PC has objected as proposed glazing not in keeping with distinctive architectural quality of building.

●         83 CLEEVE, COURT ROAD.  37/1274/10/F  Resubmission of householder application 37/2117/09/f for two storey extension, conservatory greenhouse and improved access. The site adjoins/affects a public right of way.         No objection

●         WORSWELL BARTON FARM 37/1304/10/LB Listed building application for recovering of roofs- including the alteration/extension of eaves, replacement of decaying timbers. Renewal of timber windows and doors. Installation of solar water heating system. Application affecting a Listed Building       No objection


●          ROSEMONT, WRIGHTS LANE   37/1345/10/F Resubmission of 37/1613/09/F for erection of two storey detached dwelling.                   No objection

●       ZELTE, REVELSTOKE ROAD    37/1316/10/F Resubmission of previous withdrawn householder application 37/2081/09/F for new sun room and balcony to rear elevation      No objection

●         89 YEALM ROAD   37/1421/10/F Householder application for creation of small entrance Porch, external rendering, creation of slate hung fascia to front and part sides. External walling and fences and installation of window.      No objection



9.         ANY OTHER BUSINESS.    

·                      Updates. Robin Hogg in his position as Chair of CPRE Devon will continue to keep the committee up to date regarding the views of his committee regarding the development of the Local Development Framework and any other issues that might be helpful to the work of the RYDA. Secretary to continue to keep him informed of future meeting dates for this purpose.

·                     Allotments. The Chairman has indicated that he has land which could be available for use as an allotment, anyone interested can contact him.

·                     Footpath. The footpath from Yealm Rd (by the bus turning bay) to Lower Court Rd has been the subject of a dispute regarding title, right of way, and width. The matter went to adjudication through the Land Registry which determines these issues. The judgement is that the title does not rest with Yealm House nor does it have a right of way over the footpath it is vested in the local authority for the benefit of the local community in perpetuity.

·                     Review  Group. The Secretary would ascertain when the first meeting of the group reviewing the Village Design statement and Listed buildings would be

·                     Thank you. The Chairman thanked Robin Hogg for his work over the last 7 years as Secretary, Chairman, and general dogsbody to the committee and for hosting his last meeting.


10.       DATE OF NEXT MEETING             Unless there is an issue that would call for an emergency meeting, the next meeting would be at 7.30 pm 31st August 2010. Eric Rodmell has kindly offered to host this meeting.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm. Denise Marchant, Hon Secretary RYDA: