Registered Charity Number 262929



Held at 4 Higher Coombe Cottage, Noss Mayo at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th May 2009.


1.         APOLOGIES. Chris Bradley (holiday)


2.         MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING Dated 30th March were approved.




·                    The Energy from Waste Plant (E.f.W)          .There is a concern that the short river is already under considerable stress in terms of its use and extraction points along it. The site is also within an ANOB, SSSI and contains a large area of eel grass beds of European significance. To add the incineration of 350 tons of domestic waste treatment per day to this facility is considered to present an unacceptable threat to the viability of the River Yealm. In addition there are other sites available. There had been a recent demonstration in Ivybridge of 800 people against this proposal. The CPRE has said that planning consent should not be granted and has written to the Environment Agency with its objections.

·                     The Village Directory. Alan Lomax confirmed that 170 copies had been sold in the last 3 years. Further sponsorship is being sought towards production costs. The final cost of the Directory to non members of the RYDA to be determined at a later date and depending on the final print run.

·                    L D F Site Allocation DPD. The Plymouth Strategic Housing Land Availability assessment (SLAA) As the Regional Spatial Strategy has been cancelled by the new Government this includes the housing and economic data. The CPRE has identified that the figures have mainly been supported by developers. The need for the construction of Sherford village is being questioned particularly affordable housing has now been reduced to 25% of the total. S. Hams District Council had said it had to achieve government targets for the provision of affordable housing but as these had now been withdrawn this was no longer the case. It appeared that the new government is putting provision down to village level.

·                    Village Design Statement There had been a meeting earlier in the month with members of the working group and the S. Hams Conservation Officer to open discussion about the possible extension of the Conservation Area. Work on amending the Statement would commence in September.


4.         CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:-


·                     U3A Proposals for community Buildings –The proposed installation of renewable energy schemes into community buildings was accepted to be a good idea in principle. However, there are local concerns regarding the appearance of panels on buildings so each application would be considered on its merits. The request to use the RYDA bank account was discussed at length but it was considered to be outside the objects of the charity and not appropriate for the Treasurer to monitor financial probity of the U3A group. The Revelstoke Trust had been suggested as an alternative to Peter Brown.  

·                     An Announcement. The Chairman reluctantly accepted Robin Hogg’s resignation from the RYDA and thanked him for his major contribution over the last 6 years. Rod Carter gave his personal thanks to Robin.




·                     The Lease of Brookings Down Wood. Current trustees needed to be updated with the Charities commission. Secretary to contact Val Lomax and Robin Geldard.

·                     The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.  Part 9 of the Act sets out Government Proposals for improving access to the English Coast. It seemed rather odd that the only specific rivers mentioned in the Act were the Mersey, Humber and Yealm (the Yealm hardly being the scale of the other two) .The committee noted the position and thought that the Country Landowners organisation should represent the owner’s interests.




·                     The Village Directory Situation. The Treasurer reported that from Sept 09- Jan 2010 12 copies had been sold and Jan 2010 and April 2010 14 had been sold. There is £375 in the bank and £1687 on deposit giving £2062 in total.




·                     Curlew 37/0247/10/F Riverside Rd West. The Parish Council has objected to proposals for this property as being too overbearing however it was noted the application had been approved.

·                     Land opposite 60 Noss Mayo 37/1944/09/F. An amended application for a new dwelling had been submitted. However the objections to the scheme were linked to the encroachment into the last undeveloped stretch of the foreshore. It was agreed to submit a letter of objection.

·                     Myrtle Quay The Parish Council had submitted a strong objection to the proposals for this site and SHDC had refused planning permission.


8.         ANY OTHER BUSINESS.    


·                     RYDA photos .The storage/ future use of library of pictures was discussed. Kate Wood would ask Penny if Noss Village Hall wished to display photos of historic buildings in the Parish.

·                     Streetlights A letter would be sent to Peter Brown to ask the U3A Group to consider the waste of resources connected with streetlights and whether there is any merit in to turning them off overnight.

·                     New Members. The Chairman would approach several people who had been identified a possible new members of the committee.

·                     Gdynia Way, Plymouth. It was noted would be closing from 1/6/2010 until November, access from NF and Noss would be through Prince Rock.

·                     Treburdon. Alan Lomax was nominated to follow the Twinning proposals.

·                     High Hedge. Bill Taylor would follow up Helen James written request to help in getting a hedge lowered adjacent to Doctor’s steps.


9.                  DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Next meeting to be 7.30 July 6th at Anchor House, Pillory Hill, Noss.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25p.m Denise Marchant, Secretary RYDA.