Registered Charity Number 26292



 Held at Firslea, Yealm Rd, Newton Ferrers at 7.00 pm on Thursday 26th May 2011.


1.         WELCOME AND APOLOGIES. Apologies were received from Kate Wood.


2.         MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING & A.G.M dated 11th January 2011were received and approved and 27th April 2011 were received and approved with two amendments.






·                     New Chairman. We still do not have a Chairman to take over from Bill Taylor and no one has come forward since the A.G.M to be considered for the position.

·                     Honorarium- A cheque for £120 was issued to Eric Rodmell, following approval at A.G.M in connection with the work undertaken in the production of the new Village Directory.

·                     Speaker for 2012 A.G.M. The Secretary would check with Professor Thompson whether his offer to speak at next years A.G.M was still available and on what subject he might speak.




·                     Devon Wildlife Trust-The trust had sent a flyer to the Secretary asking for help with a survey of hedgehogs in the vicinity. Apparently it is thought that hedgehogs are in decline and would like reports of whether hedgehogs had been sited (or not) in local gardens. To take part in the survey please visit www.devonwildlifetrust.org , you will also find details of outdoor events planned for this summer. The Trust magazine ‘Wild Devon ‘is available for loan from the Secretary.

·                     Village Design Statement/ Conservation Area. The Secretary will contact the Parish Clerk and inform her that John Prosser has withdrawn from work necessary to produce a revised Design Statement and extension of the Conservation area. In addition, due to the amount of work required, would ask whether someone could be commissioned on behalf of the Parish to achieve the desired result. The view of the committee was that both should proceed separately with the priority to achieve the extension of the Conservation Area first. Peter Pritchard had looked at the existing Conservation Area documents and would forward the web link to the committee so they could view it as it did not appear to be as onerous as first thought. It was reported that Village Design Statements had been superceded by Village Plans therefore it was considered very important to have a Village Plan. The trip up the river with Stephen Munday and Susie Cooper which had been planned for February had been postponed due to adverse weather.




·                     Directory sales and membership update. Approx 8 Directories had been sold since the A.G.M. New Directories had been distributed as follows 25 to the Post Office and Chemist, 10 each to Luscombe and Maye and Marchand Petit. There had been three new members join since the A.G.M.

There is £ 690 on deposit with the Charities Foundation £250 in the bank giving a total of £940. The Village Directory had cost £1350 and Luscombe and Maye would be making a contribution of £600. Alan Lomax would contact L&M to ask for their contribution.

The Secretary would ask for contributions for the Harbour Clean up for 2012 from the Parish Council and harbour Authority.




·                     Letter to Dept Communities and local Govt. There were concerns expressed about the nature of development in the Parish at the A.G.M and that it appeared that little weight had been given by the Inspector at Appeal even though large numbers of residents had written and objected to one notable site. The letter to be sent to the Dept for Communities and Local Government was approved; members and non members of the R.Y.D.A would be approached to sign it prior to it being sent off.

·                     Parsonage Road, Affordable Housing Site. The committee considered a number of attributes of the scheme and agreed the plan C option considered at the A.G.M was the preferred layout of the southern end of the site i.e. houses at right angles to the road. An objection to the layout would therefore be submitted.

·                     Planning discussion group-It was encouraging to note that twenty people had signed up for the website since the A.G.M.

·                     Review of planning applications. Objections had been submitted on, land opposite 60 Noss Mayo (Appeal), ‘Crispins’ and ‘Woongara’, all had been turned down. It was noted that Revelstoke had re-applied and ‘Crispins’ had appealed. ‘Spindrift’ 39 Court Rd some concern that it look like a 5 storey building.

‘Riverside House’ has been turned down. 17 Yealm Rd Has been withdrawn, some residents opposed it but the R.Y.D.A didn’t; the best place to view is from Noss Church car park to assess the impact.85 Court Rd Outstanding will bring forward to next meeting. The ‘Point Bungalow’, Noss Mayo has been withdrawn, a letter was sent from the R.Y.D.A objecting to the type of property proposed prior to withdrawal.




      ●          Village Directory- Thanks were extended to Peter and Alan who had delivered the Directories which had not been picked up at the A.G.M.

●          Tithe Map. The Devon Record Office had digitised all the Devon Tithe Maps (c. 1840) and was looking for volunteers to transcribe the 1840 apportionments for each Parish. A volunteer is sought to spend about approx 40 hours transcribing the details onto an Excel Spreadsheet. Details of the project can be found on www.devon.gov.uk/dro_tithe_map_project_pdf. Please contact John Draisey on 01392 384253 devrec@devon.gov.uk .



9.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Unless there is an issue that would call for an emergency meeting, the next meeting would be on Wednesday 7th September 2011.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20p.m Denise Marchant, Hon Secretary R.Y.D.A