Registered Charity Number 262929



Held at Bradleys, Noss Mayo at 7.30pm on Tuesday 15th September 2009.


1.                   APOLOGIES.   Mr Eric Rodmell.


2.             THE MINUTES OF A COMMITTEE MEETING of the 30th June 2009 were approved.




4.             CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT.


*              The Coastal Regeneration Handbook.         This new booklet is being prepared by Lincolnshire County Council and the RYDA has been asked to contribute. The RYDA has long been involved in the “South Devon & Dorset Shoreline Management Plan” (SD&DSMP) and is a member of the “South Devon Coastal Action Group” (SDCLAG). We have links to the Marine Conservation Society through the harbour clean-up and are members of the Devon Maritime Forum.  After a short discussion, it was decided to maintain our present position, where we support the RYHA with its approaches to the SD&DSMP and the NNPC in their approaches to the SDCLAG, since this involves funding which could be of wider benefit to the community.

*              The Rural Economy & Land Use Programme (RELU).          The Chairman had received a 15 page “Profiling Questionnaire” from this group, funded by the Research Council.  The majority of the questions were not relevant to the RYDA and it was with some relief that the decision was taken that the Secretary would reply on the Association’s behalf.

*              The Co-Op (Planning Application Number 37/1191/09/F).    The Chairman had written to the SHDC in support of this application.          


5.             SECRETARY’S ROUND-UP


·                     The Boundary Committee.   There was still no news from the Government. It was felt that time was running out for a decision before the forthcoming election.

·                     The Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West.   The importance of this huge exercise should not be underestimated. The eventual figures for “Housing” and “Economic Growth”, which the RYDA and many others have opposed, will shape the future of the South West through until 2026. Mr Shearer of the GOSW is on record as saying that  “In the meantime the RSS has reached such an advanced stage that we would expect it now to be given “considerable weight” in the consideration of any applications for development”. If the RSS turns out to be a “Developer’s Charter”, we can expect huge pressure on Green Field Sites around the Plymouth Fringe.

The Plymouth & South Hams District Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA).  These two exercises were drawing to a close and both would have a profound impact on our community. The Plymouth SHLAA, with agreement from the SHDC, had identified a number of green field sites around Elburton and Plymstock that could be suitable for housing but which were currently denied by planning rules. The launch of the “Plymouth Fringe DPD” on the 25th September would look at all these sites with a view to bringing them into play for development in the future. The RYDA had already published a short piece on this subject in the Parish Magazine but it was agreed that we would need to watch each step of this new exercise with care. The Secretary was on the Steering Group of the Plymouth Urban Fringe DPD and would alert the committee to any difficulties as they arose.


The final outcome of the SHDC SHLAA was still awaited. Once the final recommendations of the Prince’s Foundation had been debated by the SHDC we could expect Housing “Allocations” for Newton & Noss to be announced. 


The Plymouth Eastern Corridor.  Changes to the A379 approaches to Plymouth would affect all of us. The final two options, including proposals for Laira Bridge and the Cattedown area were now published. A “Preferred Options” paper would appear in the Spring and be used as the basis for an application to the Government for funds. Plymouth CC had issued its ”Go Plymouth East” document. This can be obtained by accessing www.plymouth.gov.uk/easterncorridormajorscheme




*              AL reported that RYDA funds now stood at some £2,060 of which £251 was being held in the current account, £1,684 on deposit and £125 in cash. These figures comprehended £55 from both the NNPC and the RYHA in support of the Harbour Clean Up


                *              Sales of the Village Directory (The Blue Book), together with its up-to-date amendments list compiled by ER, had held up well. Sales had been as follows: 2007/560, 2008/215 and 2009/110. It was decided to continue selling through the usual outlets in the village and to delay the production of a completely new edition until our stocks, currently around 100, were close to exhaustion.




*              RC, in introducing this item, mentioned 5 sites in particular:


o    The Lime Kiln at Bridgend. Application withdrawn.

o    St Louis, Riverside Road West. This application had been recommended for refusal by the NNPC.

o    Tidal Waters. The Leonards, who had been supported by the RYDA throughout, were still awaiting a decision as to how much compensation they would receive.

o    Woodlands, Revelstoke Road.  After a short discussion, it was decided to make no comment on this application.

o    Charnwood, Stoke Road. There was some debate about this application, on completion of which it was agreed that RC should write objecting on grounds of “Over Development”         of the site. He would also recommend that attention should be paid to the type of glazing that should be used.

o    The New “Resource Recovery Centre at New England Quarry at Lee Mill. The Secretary distributed a general brief on the South West Devon Waste Partnership’s plans for waste management throughout the area. There were 6 sites proposed for the construction of  “Waste from   Energy  (EfW) Facilities”, of which this was only one. There was a requirement to dispose of 275,000 tonnes of residual waste a year if councils were not to be fined £150 per tonne for any excessive deposition in landfill. Landfill allocations would be reduced year on year and the construction of such facilities would become imperative. Were this site to be accepted there would be a number of local issues:

§  Access from the A38 for the many large trucks delivering waste.

§  The impact on Lee Mill itself

§  The visual impact of the 90 Metre high stack.

§  The environmental effects on the River Yealm from any extraction and subsequent outflows into the river.

*    A planning application was expected sometime in November.          




*    Bridgend Quay.  The Chairman had received a letter from Mr John Prosser suggesting that a scheme, jointly funded by the RYHA, the NNPC and perhaps the RYDA, should be set up to keep Bridgend Quay reasonably clean. He had acquired a quote from Garden Services for the work and suggested that a fund of £400 should be set up to undertake this work twice a year, with a contingency of £200.     After a brief discussion it was decided to write to all parties saying that the RYDA would be happy to make a contribution were others to do so.


o    Joint Meeting Between the RYDA, Revelstoke Trust and the NNPC.  This proposal, to see whether a contribution of, say, £500 by each organisation could not lead to matching funding from the DCC or some other organisation, thus enabling the community as a whole to undertake larger projects for the wider benefit of the community, had been mooted last year but never progressed. It was decided that it would be worth another try. The Secretary was asked to draft a suitable letter to those who would become involved.

o    The 2010 Harbour Clean Up. An Email had been received from Mr Arkinstall, suggesting possible dates for this event in 2010. It was agreed that CB would discuss the various options on behalf of the RYDA.

o    The Secretary.   The Secretary had operated as Chairman and Secretary of the RYDA for some 5 years and had other responsibilities that took up much of his time. In resigning from the post “to spend more time in his vegetable patch”, he thanked the committee for their support. In reply, the Chairman thanked him for his efforts on behalf of the Association and hoped he would remain a member of the committee.

o    STOP PRESS.  You will imagine our disappointment to hear, as we were going to press, that the destruction and rebuild of Crispins at Bridgend has been approved on appeal. (Reference APP/K1128/A/09/2106220). The RYDA, The NNPC and over 70 local residents opposed this planning application and there was a succession of meetings involving Gary Streeter MP, local residents, the NNPC and the SHDC Planners where the issues of local democracy and the lack of respect for village opinion, the Village Plan and the Village Design Statement, produced at considerable effort and cost, were debated at length.


o    The Inspector’s only reference to these objections is in paragraph 13, where he states “I recognise the strength and volume of local opposition to this scheme. I have not set aside these concerns lightly. Nevertheless, much of this appears to be related to the proposed style of building. The general principles of the scheme were supported by the Council’s Design & Conservation Review Panel and the Council’s Officers recommended the application for approval. For the reasons given above, planning permission should be granted”. It would appear that the opinions of the local objectors and the elected councillors in an open vote were less influential than the non-elected, non-statutory Design & Conservation Review Panel and the SHDC planning officers. These planning officers are on record as “wanting a ‘grand design’ for Bridgend”. Bridgend will indeed look very different once Crispins and the Green House are complete.




It was decided that the next meeting would be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 10th November 2009. Rod Carter has very kindly offered to host this meeting,


The Chairman, in closing the meeting, warmly thanked Chris Bradley for his hospitality.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


Robin Hogg, Hon Secretary RYDA.