Registered Charity Number 262929



Held at Church Cottage, Newton Ferrers at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th November 2009.


1.                   APOLOGIES.   Mr Eric Rodmell. Mrs Denise Marchant.


2.             THE MINUTES OF A COMMITTEE MEETING of the 15th September 2009 were approved.


3.             MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES.  None were raised.


4.             CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT.


·                     The 2010 Annual General Meeting.   There was a need to plan ahead for the AGM, to be held in the Noss Mayo Village Hall in April. The Chairman proposed that we should invite Emeritus Professor Malcolm (Mal) Jones, an expert in Estuarial Pollution, to speak. This proposal was agreed.

·                     The New Honorary Secretary.  Mrs Denise Marchant, who was unable to attend this meeting, had agreed to become the RYDA Secretary. There would be a formal handover of material before the next meeting. In welcoming Mrs Marchant to the committee, the Chairman hoped that Robin Hogg would continue to provide briefs on the wider issues affecting the community in his capacity as the Chairman of the CPRE locally. He would be delighted to do so. 


5.             SECRETARY’S ROUND-UP


·                     The Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West.   The Secretary reported that there were already signs that Developers were beginning to make use of the elevated housing figures in the draft RSS to their own ends. This would need to be watched carefully, particularly since it seemed likely that the final RSS would not be completed before the general election..

·                     The South Hams District Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA).   The final outcome of the SHDC SHLAA was still awaited. It was, however, apparent that the Prince’s Foundation, who had not spent much time in the community, had made recommendations that cut across the expressed wishes of the community as set out in the Parish Plan, the Village Design Statement and, more importantly in the very recent Newton & Noss Housing Data assessment. The Secretary reported that at least six other South Hams Communities had reported similar unwelcome recommendations. The committee agreed that the RYDA would continue to support the NNPC in their drive to get the wishes of the community listened to.

The Plymouth Urban Fringe DPD.  The Secretary briefed the meeting on the outcome of the first Focus Group meeting held on the 25th September. It would appear that there were likely to be at least two extensions to the Plymouth City boundary at Woolwell and at Newnham, both areas that had unbalanced communities that could benefit from becoming more sustainable neighbourhoods..  It would remain important for the RYDA and others to monitor threats to green field sites, particularly those that might come forward for planning permission to the South West of Plymstock & Elburton.

The Energy from Waste (EfW) Plant at New England Quarry.  Viridor, the applicant who already owned the quarry, were to brief the NNPC on the 12th November. There were many issues; water extraction from the Yealm, the traffic implications as 275,000 tonnes of domestic waste would have to be transported to the site and the fact that Land Fill penalties had to be avoided if council taxes were not to rise dramatically due to EU fines. It was agreed that the RYDA would await the Planning Application, due shortly, before deciding on a line to take.

Bridgend Quay.  The NNPC and the Harbour Authority had declined to contribute to some formal cleaning scheme. The RYDA had already offered to make a contribution. It was agreed that we would await the reaction of Mr Prosser who had raised the issue in the first place. The RYDA did not wish to weaken his cause in any way but stood ready to join in any practical scheme that would benefit the community generally.

The South Devon AONB 50th Anniversary.  The secretary asked whether the committee felt that some sort of anniversary event might help the cause. After a short discussion it was agreed that no immediate action was required.

The SHDC Development & Control Meeting 14th October.  The secretary had already circulated a brief on this meeting but reminded the committee that two issues would need to be watched: the “Minor Development Changes” legislation could lead to creeping retroactive changes to planning applications and that the “Renewal of Lapsed Planning Applications” might resurrect unwelcome dormant proposals.

Coastal Policy and the CROW Act.  The Government was, in the wake of the Marine Bill, going to amend ‘coastal rights of way’ with the aim of opening up access to coastal countryside to the general public.  This could have a serious impact on our area.




·                     AL reported that RYDA funds now stood at some £2,092 of which £467 was being held in the current account and  £1,685 on deposit..




RC, in introducing this item, mentioned 5 sites in particular:


o    Tidal Waters. The Leonards, who had been supported by the RYDA throughout, were still awaiting a decision as to how much compensation they would receive. They had been offered £250 by way of an interim payment.

o    Redlands, Court Wood.  The NNPC had already objected to this application and we would have to await developments.

o    Rosemont. After some discussion it was agreed that there was little to object to. Rosemont was a real community asset and, though of little architectural value, should be allowed to expand.

o    Hockaday’s Yard.  There had been some doubt as to whether   Mike Hockaday could be allowed to have a Septic Tank. It was understood that the previous objections on planning grounds might be set aside.

o    New Development on ground at 60 Noss Mayo.  (Application No.37/1944/09). The immediate impression was that this was a very large building that would alter the current attractive line of the foreshore in a sensitive part of the river. It would appear to be yet another over-large building on a small site. RC was asked to draft a letter to the SHDC with the views of the RYDA committee. This application would almost certainly arouse considerable controversy.




o    A request for support from the U3A Environmental Group towards the cost of the “Energy Fair” was debated. It was decided that a sum of £50 should be forwarded to Peter Brown.




It was decided that the next meeting would be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2010. Bill Taylor has very kindly offered to host this meeting,


The Chairman, in closing the meeting, warmly thanked Rod Carter for his hospitality.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.                                 Robin Hogg, Hon Secretary RYDA.