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Held at Firslea, 85,Yealm Road, Newton Ferrers at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th June 2009.


1.                   APOLOGIES.   The full committee was present.


2.             THE MINUTES OF A COMMITTEE MEETING of the 20th May 2009 were approved.




*              The Harbour Clean-up. Both the NNPC and the RYHA had contributed sums of £55.00 to RYDA Funds. These would be used to defray the various costs of the River Clean–up. In addition, a cheque for £32.00 had been sent to the Co-ordinator, Mr Charles Arkinstall, as a contribution to the administrative costs associated with this event.     

·                     The Village Design Statement – The second meeting with Mr Gary Streeter MP on 26th June. The Secretary had attended this meeting on behalf of the RYDA and had reported elsewhere on the outcome.  This meeting had grown out of the general dissatisfaction of the community with the lack of attention paid by the Planners at the SHDC to our Parish Plan and its Village Design Statement (VDS), the proliferation of large properties and the use of retrospective planning applications to circumvent the planning process. No specific action to remedy these difficulties had been forthcoming though it had been agreed that a re-presented Parish Plan & VDS would take its place as part of the LDF process.

·                     Sewage.   There had been an exchange of correspondence with South West Water between the NNPC and the RYDA over the capacity of the sewage system to cope with any future building work. This correspondence had been somewhat confusing and the Chairman had since obtained a much clearer response from the Technical Support Manager at South West Water, This would be passed to the Chairman of the NNPC.


4.             CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT.


*              The Primary School.         The Chairman mentioned that the earlier difficulties had been resolved. In discussion, the worries felt by some that the already under-booked other halls in the villages might be threatened by this new facility in terms of lost income were resolved. There is no intention of using this new building for other than Primary School requirements.


5.             SECRETARY’S ROUND-UP


·                     The Boundary Committee. The resignation of Hazel Blears had cast into doubt the whole process. The new Secretary of State, John Denham, would make an announcement on the way forward after the summer recess.

·                     The Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West. John Denham had already announced that he would “not rubber stamp the RSS” but would consider all the issues before making any decision, probably not before October at the earliest.  The present state of the economy and the recent local election results might well force the government to postpone difficult decisions until after the next election.

The South Hams District Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).    There had been a very well attended meeting in the WIC Hall and the community had been given an opportunity by the NNPC to put forward their preferences. This had been followed by a series of meetings across the South Hams, led by the Prince’s Trust who have been asked by the SHDC to advise on a way forward for all those communities that would be affected.  The Prince’s Trust and the SHDC would come forward with proposals in the autumn. This would be followed by a Consultation Period of six weeks.  This would be the time for the RYDA to decide on their approach to this next phase of the exercise. Our support for the NNPC, this time round, had been appreciated.


The Secretary, in the margins of this discussion, briefed the meeting on two related issues: the need to monitor the potential conflict between the Plymouth SHLAA and that of the South Hams. This could involve real difficulties, since there were some common “sites for potential housing” where the two authorities overlap. Plymouth would like to expand over its present unitary boundaries into some ‘Greenfield’ sites in the South Hams. The delays to Sherford would also affect the ability of the SHDC to meet its targets for Affordable Housing. It would be in all our interests to monitor progress to ensure that the authorities did not designate ‘Greenfield Land’ for housing that would alter the character of the neighbourhood and, in particular, might increase pressure on the Eastern Approach Corridor into Plymouth.


The Secretary also reminded the committee that Plymouth CC had issued its ”Go Plymouth East” document. This can be obtained by calling 01752 307704 or by accessing www.plymouth.gov.uk/easterncorridormajorscheme This document sets out the plans for the eastern corridor along the A379 and new traffic proposals for the Laira Bridge area of Plymouth. We can now expect a final “preferred option” in 6 months or so.  This will affect all of us who use the eastern corridor into Plymouth.




*              AL reported that RYDA funds now stood at some £1,900 with £719 being held in the current account.




*              RC, in introducing this item, mentioned 4 sites in particular:


o    The Lime Kiln at Bridgend. Though this application for a holiday let had been re-submitted, it had not yet appeared on the SHDC Planning Portal.

o    St Louis, Riverside Road West. This application had been withdrawn but we could expect a re-application in due course.

o    Crispins.  The Secretary had drafted a letter for the Chairman to send to the Planning Inspector and the SHDC opposing this application, which had now gone to appeal. After some discussion this letter was modified slightly and would now go forward.

o    Tidal Waters. The Secretary had represented the RYDA at this visit by the Ombudsman, along with the Chairman of the NNPC. The outcome was not yet known, though it seemed likely that the SHDC Planning Department might be found guilty of mal-administration. The Ombudsman had no powers to order any redress in the form of building modification but the SHDC might well have to offer some form of financial compensation to the Leonards.   This was an object lesson in how to monitor such situations. The building did not need planning permission since the SHDC had given the developer a “Certificate of Lawfulness”. This meant that the plans and proposals for this building did not appear on the Planning Portal. Making it difficult to oppose in the early stages.




*              Flags at Pope’s Quay.       There would be a small working party to replace the “Anti-Seagull Spike” on top of the flagpole after which new Union Flags would be flown.


*              Mrs “Crum” Gray.  The RYDA had donated a sum of £25.00 to the Church at Newton Ferrers. The late Mrs Gray had been a long-standing member and supporter of the Association.           





It was decided that the next meeting would be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 15th September 2009. Christopher Bradley has very kindly offered to host this meeting,


The Chairman, in closing the meeting, was warmly thanked for his hospitality.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.


Robin Hogg, Hon Secretary RYDA.






Judge William Taylor, Chairman