1.                  TITLE OF THE ASSOCIATION.


The Association shall be known as the River Yealm and District Association.




(a)   To preserve the natural beauties of the Tidal Waters of the River Yealm and the surrounding countryside and villages and to protect structures of architectural or historic interest and the character of areas of such interest.

(b)   To maintain and to seek to improve the amenities and services of the district.

(c)   To achieve these objects by a policy of representation to Councils, other Authorities, Government Departments, Land Owners and Developers; and, if thought advisable, by representation upon the appropriate Councils or Committees or by such other means as may be thought expedient at the time.

(d)   To offer support to, and collaboration with, other amenity Associations as shall be thought fit by the Committee.




(a)   Membership of the Association shall be open to any adult resident of the Parishes in the immediate vicinity of the tidal waters of the River Yealm.

(b)   Any adult not qualifying for membership under Section 3 (a) above may be granted membership at the discretion of the Committee.




(a)   The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee. In April 2006 it is 2.50 per household with a discount of 50p for those paying by standing order. A Payment of 10 per household for a five years subscription shall also be acceptable.

(b)   Members whose subscription is more than 12 months overdue shall be deemed to have resigned from the Association.

(c)   The Committee shall use the funds of the Association for the furtherance of the aims and objects set out above. However, the balance in hand shall not be allowed to fall below 10% of the balance in hand on 31st December prior to the Annual General Meeting at which it was elected. Any additional expenditure must be authorised by a general meeting, by a simple majority of those present.








(a)   Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held during the month of April each year for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report, a Statement of Accounts for the year ended on the preceding 31st December, to elect a Committee and to appoint an Auditor.

(b)   General Meetings.

General Meetings shall be called by the Committee as occasion demands or at any time upon written request to the Honorary Secretary, signed by not less than 20 members. Such request must be in the hands of the honorary Secretary at least 21 days before the proposed date of the meeting and must state the purpose for which it is to be called. The Honorary Secretary shall then convene the meeting in accordance with Rule 6.


6.                  CONVENING A GENERAL MEETING.


Notices convening a General Meeting shall be sent to the last known address of all members at least 7 days before the date of such meetings. Such notices shall state the purpose of the meeting.


7.                        QUORUM FOR GENERAL MEETING.


A quorum for any General Meeting shall consist of 20 Members.




Voting at General Meetings shall be by a show of hands or otherwise as the Chairman may direct. Motions will be carried by a simple majority except as provided under Rule 14.




(a)   The Management of the Association shall be vested in a Committee comprising the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and five Members. This Committee shall have executive powers to act on behalf of the Association.

(b)   The Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be elected annually at the AGM and may be re-elected provided that the Chairman shall hold office for no more than three years.

(c)   Subject to and in accordance with paragraphs (d) and (e) of this paragraph one of the ordinary members of the Committee shall retire from office at the AGM and shall not be eligible for re-election as such for one year. The vacancy created shall be filled by election at the AGM.

(d)   The ordinary member of the Committee due to retire at each AGM shall be determined by seniority, except where one or more members are of equal seniority, the order of retirement shall then be decided by lot. For the purpose of this paragraph any member resigning from or otherwise leaving the Committee, or appointed to an office of the Association under paragraph (b) of this rule, shall be deemed to have the highest seniority and shall retire accordingly.

(e)   The Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy occurring during the year and to co-opt someone to fill a vacancy. He or she shall take the seniority of the member being replaced.




The Committee shall meet at least six times a year.




A quorum of the Committee shall consist of not les than four members.




If any member of the Committee absents him or herself from three consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation, he or she shall automatically cease to be a Member of the Committee.




Members who wish to put forward matters for consideration by the Committee are requested to put them to the Honorary Secretary, preferably in writing.


14.                          WINDING UP THE ASSOCIATION.


In the event of the winding up of the Association the available funds of the Association shall be transferred to one or more charitable bodies having objects similar or reasonably similar to those of the Association as may be chosen by the Committee and approved by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales. This rule is only to apply if at the time of winding up the Association be registered as a charity.


15.                          CHANGE OF RULES.


(a)   These rules may only be changed at the AGM and then by a two thirds majority of members voting. Any alteration to take effect immediately.

(b)   Proposed changes to the Rules must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary by the 14th February in any year.