Yealm Cricket Club


Wanted! Players and officials.



If you like cricket and fancy the idea of playing enjoyable social matches on balmy summer evenings why not join Yealm Cricket Club?


We are a non-league club and most of our games are twenty overs each after which we repair to the pub to discuss our triumph, or blame someone for our failure!


Once a year we play a 40-over game when we go on our annual tour to exotic places from Marlborough to Portugal.


The problem is we have an ageing team and we badly need players as a generation of university students and schoolboys have left the village. The remaining stalwarts are getting a little long in the tooth to sustain the club for much longer, or be able to generate decent opposition against local club sides.


It would be a tragedy to lose our village side, formed in 1980, but if we cannot recruit energetic and enthusiastic newcomers that will be the inevitable outcome.


Players of any ability, or age, are welcome. If you want to find out more, ring any of the following:


Alan Cooper   872827 (

Seán Bennett   872053

Tony Martin    872044

Barry Furzeland 872462

Paul Shepherd   872063